Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chasing the Sun

Skeptic said I should introduce myself. I said I didn't want to introduce myself, that it was better if no one knew I existed. And yet, he insisted, saying that people need to know who is involved. Which is stupid; isn't it better that nobody knows who is involved in this endeavor?

Well, whatever. He said if I didn't introduce myself, he would do it. So here I am. Peri Helion. That obviously isn't my real name.

The set up in this place is okay. Skeptic managed to get several computers and set up a network. I wonder how much money he has holed away -- rent plus utilities in this place may come out to a lot -- but he said not to worry about it. So I'm not.

What I am worried about is dying horribly. As soon as Skeptic said that we were a War Station, I fully expected the Slender Man to show up and kill us all. But he didn't. So either we're beneath his notice or he just doesn't care or...whatever. I guess assigning motives to an inhuman monster is kind of stupid.

Our job now is tracking the movements of proxies and the Panopticon. Yeah, because those two secret organizations will be easy to find. Thanks, S. And thanks for leaving me in the company of Mad Tom, who is now busy blowing bubbles in the center of the room.

This is just great.

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  1. Aren't you guys going to continue this?

    I mean, yeah, Skeptic's gone, but that doesn't mean this is over, does it?